Video gallery

Wood based bioenergy: An example of a small-scale supply chain in Norway (2011)

This 22 minute video displays a small example of a short distance wood based bioenergy supply-chain in Norways Hadeland region, Oppland county. It shows in brief the steps from the forest to heat production and provides some additional informations about the process.The video is related to one of our upcoming case studies on bioenergy development in Norway, specifically in the Inland region.

Since this is more or less a first conceptual video we have to excuse the rather low quality of the picture, sound and subtitles.


Local actions towards the sustainable energy concept (2012)

This 18 minute video displays a brief video-lecture on the topic of bioenergy and the relations between local and global issues regarding the sustainability aspects.

The author of the video is Emeritus Professor Paavo Pelkonen, from the School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland. Prof. Pelkonen has kindly allowed the use of this video within our DEBEG project.