Project session at the Finnish Geography Days 2015, Tampere

Organized session at the Finnish Geography Days 29.-30.10.2015 in Tampere by the DEBEG project on "Mobility, mutation and translation processes of EU renewable energy policies". The session contians four presentations by the DEBEG research team and wraps up some different perspectives on bioenergy governance that have been studied during the current project.

Session content and presentations:

Moritz Albrecht & Jarmo Kortelainen:Bioenergy development, spatial design & policy mobility from Brussels’ offices to local sites of materialization: Loosing the other end out of sight?

Teijo Rytteri: The renewable energy directive in the national context in Finland

Jani Lukkarinen: The European 2020 race and the materialization of a bioeconomy

Maxim Trishkin: Introducing a platform for bioenergy conflict evaluation and resolution in the making – the DEBEG conflict database.