10.06.2015 The Second International Conference "The perspectives of socio-economic development of border regions"

The conference was organized second time in premises of Karelian Research Centre on cross-boder issues.

The conference gathered experts and specialists on border areas and its socio-economic impact. The plenary session was moderated by Director of Institute of Economics Prof. Yuri Saveliev. The keynote speakers were from Ministry of Economic Development in the Republic of Karelia (Dmitry Kislov), Karelian Institute of University of Eastern Finland (Prof. Heikki Eskelinen), Kharkov National University in Ukraine (Prof. Alexei Kiryukhin), University of Eastern Finland (Dmitry Zimin), Institute of Economics (Eugeny Zhimel).


Afternoon programme was devided into 3 sessions and 2 roundtables:

Session 1. Integration and economic cooperation of border regions in the new geopolitical conditions

Session 2. The economic development of the border regions

Session 3. The development of the human capital in the border regions

Roundtable 1. Increasing the investment attractiveness of the border regions

Roundtable 2. International cooperation in the field of NGOs: problems and prospects

Perpesentative from the project gave 2 oral presentations in Session 2:

1. The importance of bioenergy in Republic of Karelia and Finland – a comparative analysis in cross-border context

2. DEBEG database – a platform for bioenergy conflict resolution in cross-border context

The innovativenness of approaches and methodology raised a lot of interest and discussion around the project database.