Debeg/Cobeg Seminar; 2nd of May 2013, Joensuu;Analysing Transnational Bioenergy Governance

The seminar discusses social aspects of evolving and shifting bioenergy governance in different contexts. Example cases range between multiple geographical scales from transnational to national and local.

Venue: University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus, Metria building (Room M301)

12:15-13:00 Jarmo Kortelainen: Power-topologies and transport of EU’s renewable energy policy

13:00-13:40 Teijo Rytteri: Twists and loops in the process to support the energy use of wood in Finland

13:40-14:20 Jani Lukkarinen: Estonian bioenergy miracle? Governance without interference

Coffee break

14:40-15:20 Moritz Albrecht: Exemplifying rationality jumps of bioenergy in Norway

15:20-16:00 Javier Arevalo: Understanding international bioenergy conflicts: case of a jatropha project at Kenya’s Tana Delta

Closing discussion