Bioenergy conflicts and their management - a comprehensive study

21.7.2015 at 11:44

Maxim Trishkin

Interesting study was published last year regarding the bioenergy conflicts and their management. As there is a increasing demand on utilization of renewable resources, particularly from bioenergy, which at the same time puts the pressure on the land owners and people who’s livelihood depends on it. The key message of the study that the companies nowadays can not deal blindly with bioenergy and should be prepared for potential conflicts. As the costs of preventive actions for adequate reaction on potential conflict is much lower than involvement of company into serious conflict. Lack of trust between stakeholders is mentioned by authors as one of the factors boosting the conflict, however the key factors which are mentioned are cultural differences and local conditions.

The study is based on revision of scientific literature on bioenergy. The authors analyzed the management methods which were covering the all production stages of supply chain. The study covers the forestry, agriculture, waste and algae raw materials around the globe for production of bio based materials. The analysis of the study includes the conflict root identification, the activities involved and interaction of people. The analysis of the conflict is highly depends on the quality of the data, information sources and evidences provided.

The study provides many findings in form of practical recommendations to the companies working in bioenergy field. Thus, recognizing and admitting the existence of the conflict is the important step undertaken by the company. Creation of awareness is essential within the company and between the stakeholders. Company should prepare a scan list of potential risk areas which could escalade on a short notice. Development of good practices might be useful as a sign of good governance. Isolation of company’s own activities is considered as disregard of the conflict occurrence, however it may have a negative effect on the sustainability of the products. Involvement of stakeholders and emphasizing the transparency of the operations is a essential for keeping the possible conflict level as acceptable.

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Maxim Trishkin

Maxim Trishkin


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