Researching bioenergy and its conflicts

1.4.2014 at 11:45

Javier Arevalo

“No-one has explained to us the benefits of the [bioenergy] project. But they do not allow us to go there with our animals, so the grazing lands have been terribly reduced”, tells Hassan, a member of Kenya’s Wardei pastoralists. With a lot of attention paid in recent decades to ...

Kenyan large scale energy crops: sustainable bioenergy solutions?

14.9.2012 at 14:29

Javier Arevalo

Traditional uses of woody biomass such as firewood and charcoal continue to be the dominating sources of energy in Kenya at household level, despite attempts made in recent decades to change these traditional uses into more sustainable ones. The attempts include, among others, the prohibition of ...


Javier Arevalo

Javier Arevalo


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