Destruction of US forests for European power stations

Burning wood in power stations is fast emerging as a major threat to forests. Across the EU, the renewable energy target of 20% by 2020 is to be met primarily through bioenergy, mainly through burning wood. In the UK alone, energy companies have announced biomass power station plans which, if implemented, would require around 66 million tonnes of wood a year being burnt – yet the UK only produces 10 million tonnes of wood annually.

Ongoing conflict? yes
Conflict type Bioenergy governance conflicts
Resources solid wood
Issues 1 ecological, 2 social, 3 economical, 4 cultural
Keywords FSC, FSC Watch, destruction, conflict
Start date 2014
End date
Reason(s) for conflict
Intensity public debate
What are the stakeholders' conflicting values or interests EU government set up the aim to increase bioenergy production, particular UK is a front runner in bioenergy production, however 1/6 part of raw material is produced domestically when rest is exported from US. Thus, NGOs claim bioenergy destroys the biodiversity and habitats for sake of EU goals
Barriers for dialogue high demand for raw material in EU and low voice till now of North American NGOs
Forums for dialogue the independent assessment on the raw material extraction in US and its sustainability issues
Suggestions for conflict resolution / transformation open and trustworthy dialog