Discussion about bioenergy carbon emissions in Finland

Contested interpretation about carbon neutrality of bioenergy

Ongoing conflict? yes
Conflict type Bioenergy governance conflicts
Resources logging residues, solid wood
Issues 1 ecological, 2 social, 3 economical, 4 cultural
Keywords carbon emissions
References http://ilmasto.org/kirjoitukset/onko-bioenergia-sittenkaan-ilmaston-ystava
Start date 2014
End date
Reason(s) for conflict Disagreement about neutrality of bioenergy carbon emissions
Intensity public debate
What are the stakeholders' conflicting values or interests gereral discussion carbon emission from bioenergy and consequently the choices of EU countries in relation to that
Barriers for dialogue EU countries have different renewable resources and consequently different implementation strategies
Forums for dialogue the choice have to based on the minimizing of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
Suggestions for conflict resolution / transformation