SOUBIO case in Southern Zambia

Company gets governmental subsidies for development of bioenergy and highly lobbied by Biofuels Association of Zambia. Locals are not happy with getting minimum support from the company.

Ongoing conflict? no
Conflict type Land use conflicts
Resources solid wood
Issues 1 social, 2 ecological, 3 economical, 4 cultural
Keywords conflict, jatropha, bioenergy, conflict, Zambia, SOUBIO
Start date 2005
End date 2006
Reason(s) for conflict
Intensity peaceful action
What are the stakeholders' conflicting values or interests the company gets governmental support and gets best concession, at the same time they are involving locals into operations and social welfare, but locals feel it is not enough
Barriers for dialogue company pays little attention to the local people, it causes protests of locals
Forums for dialogue open dialog and involvement of external parties
Suggestions for conflict resolution / transformation