Jööri biogas station

The production unit with 2.4 mill m3 of biogas production annually. The biggest biogas plant in Estonia.

Ongoing conflict? no
Conflict type Bioenergy plants
Resources household waste, animal waste
Issues 1 ecological, 2 social, 3 economical, 4 cultural
Keywords biogas, plant, Estonia, debate
References http://www.befgroup.net/general-office/events/images_agendas_etc/international-seminar-building-sustainably-fostering-best-practice-adoption-in-the-baltic-states/12_kask_ee.pdf
Start date 2003
End date 2005
Reason(s) for conflict
Intensity public debate
What are the stakeholders' conflicting values or interests local people were skeptical about the environmental concerns of the plant, investor was eager to vanish the concerns
Barriers for dialogue initially skeptical vision of local people
Forums for dialogue active position of the investor and dialog with interested parties
Suggestions for conflict resolution / transformation openness and trustworthy
Comments the biogas plant is successfully working