Electricity production from biomass in northerneast Brazil

Ongoing conflict? no
Conflict type Land use conflicts
Resources solid wood
Issues 1 social, 2 ecological, 3 economical, 4 cultural
Keywords eucaliptus plantation, electricity, biomass, Brazil
References http://www.princeton.edu/pei/energy/publications/texts/Larson_93_Biomass_Electricity_Brazil.pdf
Start date 1998
End date 2006
Reason(s) for conflict
Intensity public debate
What are the stakeholders' conflicting values or interests The energy sector in Brazil is forming solid renewable direction, however often small scale negotiation is neglected and local farmers are suffering of high lobby of big energy producers
Barriers for dialogue huge lobbying of energy sector in Brazil, and top-down approach
Forums for dialogue possibility to bring international actors (NGOs, investment funds) to show the reality on local level for farmers
Suggestions for conflict resolution / transformation more democratic position of the government in terms of investment opportunities vs. local population