Possibilities to install power plant based on agricultural residues in Khmelnitskiy region

Investor from Singapour continue the dialog on seeking the agricultural resources for power plant in Khmelnitskiy region

Ongoing conflict? yes
Conflict type Bioenergy governance conflicts
Resources agricultural residues, agricultural products
Issues 1 economical, 2 ecological, 3 social, 4 cultural
Keywords agricultural residues, investment opportinities, biogas, Khmelnitskiy region
References http://www.adm-km.gov.ua/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1418149006&archive=&start_from=&ucat=5&go=archives http://www.uabio.org/ru/news/bioenergy-news/2149-bioenergy-and-res-investors-wait
Start date 2014
End date
Reason(s) for conflict
Intensity public debate
What are the stakeholders' conflicting values or interests The investors are seeking of assurance the potential suppliers of raw material in agriculture to sucure the the supply to power plant, authority is pushing investors to establish the facility
Barriers for dialogue Uncertainties in stable supply of raw material for planned power plant
Forums for dialogue Transparent and open process on the basis of feasibility study carried out by independent organization.
Suggestions for conflict resolution / transformation Potential investors should be offered an alternative grounds from the local government for the installation and insurance that raw material is sufficient for the plant of certain capacity