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Addax bioethanol project in Sierra Leone20082014public_debades
Bedford jatropha project in Kenya2012public_debades
Biomasse Kraftwerk Penzberg20122012public_debades
Vermaisung in Germany2013public_debades
Boiler plant on wood residues in Suojärvi municipality2013public_debades
Biomass production factory near Petrozavodsk20072008public_debades
Logging of HCVF in Kalevalskiy region in Republic of Karelia 20082013peaceful_actions
Biofuel plant in Leningrad region20112013public_debades
Biomass plant in Cricklade20002001public_debades
Biomass supplier in Far East of Russia2013peaceful_actions
Biomass supplier in Leningrad region2012public_debades
Possibilities to install power plant based on agricultural residues in Khmelnitskiy region2014public_debades
Production of biogas on animal wastes in Eastern Ukraine2014public_debades
Italian investors seeks for opportunities in Minsk's public landfill2011public_debades
Swedish investment into the production of biogas from municipal wastes in Kaliningrad20032006public_debades
Palm oil plantations in Indonesia - APP case2009peaceful_actions
Land conflict in Borneo2013peaceful_actions
Bioethanol production: bioenergy vs. food in Guangxi province20072008public_debades
Palm oil plantation in Honduras2008violent_actions
Electricity production from biomass in northerneast Brazil19982006public_debades
Biogas plant in Luchow20072009public_debades
Bioenergy production from stump harvesting in Finland2000public_debades
Bioenergy production from stump harvesting in Sweden2002public_debades
Jööri biogas station20032005public_debades
Social concerns of Saami people in Finnish lapland20022011public_debades
Minicipal waste utilization plant in Newbridge on Wye19971999public_debades
Biomass plant in Selby20002002public_debades
Biomass plant in Ely19941995public_debades
Centralized biogas plant on Northeast Italy20022011public_debades
Socapalm case in Cameroon20032003violent_actions
Aracruz Cellulose in Brazil20002005violent_actions
D 1 Oils case in Southern Zambia20072011peaceful_actions
SOUBIO case in Southern Zambia20052006peaceful_actions
CAMEC/ProCana conflict in Mozambique20072009public_debades
Biomass plant opposition in Leith (SCO)2011public_debades
US government support for bioethanol contested by Global Hunger Index20112011public_debades
Biomass plant opposition in Avonmouth (UK)20112014public_debades
Drax AGM case in UK - convertion from coal to biomass2015public_debades
Is peat a bioenergy in Finland?2015public_debades
Palm oil lobby contesting World Bank intiatives in SE Asia20112011public_debades
Wood energy subsidy in Finland20142015public_debades
Biofuel power plant opposition in Avonmouth (UK)2015public_debades
Protest of bioenergy plant in eastern Slovakia20142014public_debades
Land-use conflict between IOI Corp and RSPO in Borneo20122012peaceful_actions
Discussion about bioenergy carbon emissions in Finland2014public_debades
Nestle & Greenpeace palm-oil conflict, Malaysia20102010peaceful_actions
Protest from bioenergy Associations on German EEG reform (2014)2014public_debades
Flat-headed cat vs biofuels2009public_debades
Anti-palm protest against Socfin in Sierra Leone20132013public_debades
Biofuel producers contesting EU sustainability rules20082008public_debades
Critisism of Neste palm oil use2014public_debades
Protest against planned biogas plant in Woppenkamp (GER)20142014public_debades
Horse manure burning in Finland2010public_debades
Waste pond opposition in Pittsfield Township (US)20132013public_debades
Suku Anak community palm oil dispute in Sumatra (ID)20142014violent_actions
Biofuel subsidies causing deforestation (ID)2015public_debades
Protest against planned biogas plant in Kemzeke (NL)20072008public_debades
Legal status of pine oil2015public_debades
Peruvian indigenous land conflict20092009peaceful_actions
Biomass plant near Bukaleba forest reserve in Uganda (UG)2013public_debades
Protest against planned biogas plant in Jüchen (GER)20122014public_debades
Protest against forest bioenergy use in Tasmania20022008public_debades
Energy forestry protest in Äsköping (SE)20092009public_debades
Biofuel refinery plant in Sao Paolo, Brazil (BR)20132014public_debades
Biogas natural gas debate in Sweden (SE)20122012public_debades
Protest against planned biogas plant in Münsingen (GER)2008public_debades
Food vs. fuel conflict in USA2014public_debades
Protest on bioethanol decisions in Gotland (SE)20072007public_debades
Invasive grasses as biofuels - scientists and farmers vs. politicians (US)2012public_debades
Interest group protests over environmental tax on biofuels (SE)2015public_debades
NGO protest against Government/EU support of Agrofuels in Germany2009public_debades
Campaign against bioenergy use of forest in Australia2013public_debades
Forest owners opposing expansion of conservation areas (SE)20082008public_debades
Destruction of US forests for European power stations2014public_debades
Protest against biogas plant in Göllheim (GER)20112014public_debades
Open letter against biofuel subsidies2013public_debades
Tortilla crisis in Mexico20072007peaceful_actions
AEG bioethanol factory closure and protests in Torun (PL)2015peaceful_actions
Critical scientific report on Bioenergy by German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina20122012public_debades
Bioethanol diplomacy in South America20072007public_debades
Argument against genetical engineering of bioenergy trees2013public_debades
Resistance to biogas plant enlargement in Witteförden (GER)2013public_debades
Aarhus biofuel plant conflict20062007public_debades
Difficulties in "burning rubber" project in Liberia2010public_debades
Critisism towards Ironbridge power station2012public_debades
Public protests in Germany against Government weakening the Energiewende2013peaceful_actions
Financial viability of Mission Biofuels is under the threat in Malaysia (MY)20122013public_debades
Ioan Niculae corruption case (RO)2015public_debades
Jatropha's negative impact on livelihood of rural communities in Chhattisgarh in India (IN)2006public_debades
Protest against waste produced by biomethane plant (US)2014public_debades
Public debate about E10 fuel in Germany2010public_debades
Socio-economic impacts of jatropha biodiesel production in Andhra Prades (IN)2003public_debades
NGO campaign in Southern US2013public_debades
Potato incident in Senegal20112011violent_actions
Socio-economic impacts of jatropha biodiesel production in Tamil Nadu (IN)2003public_debades
Leftist protest on cutting biofuel subsidies20062007public_debades
Management conflict in District heat plant in Feldberg/Neustrelitz (GER)2014public_debades
Food wastes - a threat or solutions in Bangalore? (IN)20122012public_debades
Bioethanol production: bioenergy vs. food in Heilongjiang province20002001public_debades
Bioethanol production: bioenergy vs. food in Jilin province20002001public_debades
Bioethanol production: bioenergy vs. food in Henan province20002001public_debades
Bioethanol production: bioenergy vs. food in Anhui province20002001public_debades
Protests against massive bioenergy expansion plans in Bolivia20072008public_debades
Protest against biomass plant in Vermont20102011public_debades
Argument against wood burning energy plant in Dundee (UK)2013public_debades
Port Tablot Energy Plant faces the public protest (EN)20082012public_debades
Public debate about UK biofuel power plant subsidies2008public_debades
Protest against energy plant in Marchwood2015public_debades
Protest against wood burning plant in Eugene (US)2014public_debades
Budget cuts on Bioenergy Research Center in Wisconsin (US)2015public_debades
Protest against biomass plant in Manchester (UK)2010public_debades
Local protest against Biogas plant in La Sueure (US)20132015public_debades
Fight against biomass power plant in New Hampshire2011peaceful_actions
Protest over proposed biomass incinerator in Ernesettle2014public_debades
Conflicting land claims halt bioenergy project in Mkuze (SA)2015public_debades
Protest over biomass energy plant in Overtown (UK)2014public_debades
Protest against local pollution of Ethanol plant in San Carlos (PHL)2009public_debades
Protest over biomass energy plant in Grangemouth (UK)2011public_debades
Protest over wood pellet plant Wombleton2007public_debades
Protest over wood burning plant in Springfield (US)2011public_debades
Protest over biomass plant in Eden (AU)2010public_debades
Safety of residents in endangered by bioenergy plant in Ballymena2013public_debades
GMO eucalyptus plantations in southern US2013public_debades
Our forests aren't fuel campaign (USA/Brasil) 2013public_debades
Biogas station in Pärnu using the pig manure (EST)19871997public_debades
Biogas station in Linnamäe using the pig manure (EST)19871995public_debades
General discussion on bioenergy in China2013public_debades
Burning high-value wood in Slovakia (SVK)2013public_debades
Request from New Hope Group to the government to stop probing of US raw material (CH)20112011public_debades
Seed fuel war in Ghana20002009public_debades
Genetically engineered eucalyptus plantations for bioenergy threaten the entire ecosystem in China (CN)2011public_debades
Land grab in Tanzania20062009public_debades
Protest by nine environmental NGOs (SWE)20142014public_debades
Conviencing US farmers to sell agricultural residues for bioenergy prodution (US)2014public_debades
Forced displacement by African palm cultivation in Colombia20002007violent_actions
Wood stove ban in Montreal, Canada2015public_debades
Seed fuel war in Ethiopia20002009public_debades
Biomass plant in Fara (IT)20122013peaceful_actions
Debate about increase of wood use in France2015public_debades
Letter of 20 NGOs to the EU Commission2014public_debades
Bioenergy campaigns in New South Walespeaceful_actions
Halte à la Biomascarade à Gardanne (FR) 2012public_debades
Jatropha Katastrophe in Tanzania2007public_debades
Bioenergy subsidy cuts in Poland2012public_debades
Malaysian company to build $700 million methanol plant in Kazakhstan2014public_debades
Land grabbing in Ghana20072008public_debades
Anti Biomass advertising in UK20132013public_debades
Local villagers protesting a biogas plant in Suckow,Germany20072008public_debades
Dakatcha woodlands vs jatropha2012public_debades
Natural resource abusement in Tanzania2011public_debades
Bioenergy plant protests in Sardy-lès-Epiry (FR)2011public_debades
Protests and petition against a biogas plant 20142015public_debades
Local protests against bioenergy plant in Antwerpen2012public_debades
National debate of overuse of biomass2012public_debades
Welcoming to land grabbing in Cambodia - bioenergy stories2009peaceful_actions
NGOs protest against Turkish draft law that could destroy biodiversity2011public_debades
Halte à la Biomasse-carade in Brignoles (FR)2010public_debades
Local protest against biogas plant in Durselenpublic_debades
Conflict on wood energy resources between INOVA and E.ON in southern France2012public_debades
Iran may turn to biofuels - lack of lobbying or reality?2009public_debades
Biogas protests in Wittenförden, Germany2009public_debades
Resource potential conflict in Lorraine region2013public_debades
Turkish controversial way - coal vs. biofuels2015public_debades
Protests against biogas plant in Heeten20072011public_debades
Protests against biogas plant in Damme2011public_debades
Oxfam campaign against lang grabbing2015public_debades
Discussion over bioenergy not being carbon neutral2009public_debades
European agri-food industry fears the easy access to US agroproducts2015public_debades
Particle pollution from wood burning in Netherlands2015public_debades
Biomass plant in Fabro 20152015public_debades
Tax on (local) biofuels in Norway20102011public_debades
Biodiesel declaration conflict in Norway01.01.2012peaceful_actions
conflict on district heat network constuction in Gjovik, Norway01.01.201201.01.2013violent_actions
Protest against plans for a Biomass plant in Stoholm, Denmark2015public_debades
Protest about non-connection of local youth center to district heat, Porsgrunn, NO2011public_debades
Protest against biomass in Pierrelatte, France20.01.2014peaceful_actions
Protest against planned biomass project in Tonnerre, France24.11.2015peaceful_actions
Protest against methanizer in Auneau, France27.06.2015peaceful_actions
Protest against planned biomass cogeneration plant in the Taravu Valley, Corsica, France 04.04.2014peaceful_actions
Biomass plant in Ghent, Belgium won't burn Belgian pellets03.03.201425.08.2014public_debades
Protest against biomass plant in Gainesville, Florida, USA31.08.2015peaceful_actions
Gasification project stymied25.03.2010public_debades
Dutch Sustainability Questions01.01.2015public_debades
Pellet Protectionism2009public_debades
Cape Breton Biomass Project Raising Concerns09.01.2015public_debades
Woolwich Mayor Unhappy With Handling of Biogas Plant03.09.2013public_debades
Farmers and Residents Oppose Biogas Proposal25.09.2012public_debades
Preseco Oy suing Manitoba Hydro19.09.2013peaceful_actions
Woodchip mill will not buy any longet the wood from East Gippland20132014public_debades
Restriction of energy wood plantations on cultural landscape20092009regulatory_action
Prohibition of ground-heat in Växjö because of competition with district heating2015public_debades
Methane and pollution in Brittany2015public_debades
Exploitation of the eco-friendly boiler house in Voloshovo2014public_debades
Local communities against a waste-to-energy plant in Baltimore2010public_debades
Peat production in Kontiolahti20112011public_debades
Chisumbanje (Green Fuel) Ethanol Project Conflict2008peaceful_actions
Shotton UPM CHP bioenergy conflict2006public_debades
Protest against biomass plant in Sicily2014public_debades
Biomass energy production in Kwale County 2012peaceful_actions
Tuam biogas plant opposition20112011public_debades
Project of a wind farm in the bay of Saint Brieuc2011regulatory_action
Biomass power plant conlflict in Hungary2011public_debades
Open-pit mine in Gubin2013public_debades
Tidal Power Part of Plan to Revive UK Steel Industry2016regulatory_action
Southampton's biomass plant20112015public_debades